Christian Dance and Creative Arts:
Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary,
Theater, Writing, and More!

Your daughters. Lovers of ballet and dance.  Lovers of life.

Beautiful young ones clothed in dresses of the tulle nature adorned with flowers, satin ribbons, and sparkly shoes. Their eyes are light. Their smiles are bright. They twirl and leap in expressions of ballet to no sound except their laughter and the music deep within themselves. Their movements convey joy, delight, and life.

My heart is happiest and most fulfilled when I come across these wonderful pictures of innocent dreams.

Oh, if only we never lost that zeal for life!

You see, when a child decides, “I want to dance,” as I did, it sets into motion a certain path. ‘First comes the sweat. Then comes the beauty if you’re very lucky and have said your prayers,’ world-class choreographer, George Balanchine, once said. And the sweat and prayers come combined with many many decisions that you, the parent, must make to help foster the beauty.

I walked down the paths of competitive dancing, pre-professional and professional ballet dancing, worship dancing, and ballet instruction. I was blessed to have my mother researching options and figuring out what was best for my specific goals and development in the early years.  Then, I was blessed to be surrounded by friends and environments which helped me gain further insight into my chosen road.

You see, because each child is unique, he or she may not follow a clear-cut traditional path. God's ways are not our ways.   Whether pursuing a hobby, a dream, a calling, a ministry, a job, or simply a mode of exercise, I want to help you help your child find their own God-given path in this world using His creative arts of dance (ballet, lyrical, jazz, contemporary), theater, writing and more!

I want to share the knowledge and wisdom that my years of experience have gained me. I want to leave you with words of encouragement, advice, and tools to guide you on this journey and allow you to set off down this path with your child confidently.

Because the path of a dancer has enough difficulties.

Because I want to make it easier for you to make the best choices for your children.

Because whenever I see a little girl spinning about with an oversized grin, I want to run up to her, look into her amazing eyes that stare out at this world in wonder, and tell her . . .

“Never stop, lovely one. Never stop dancing.”

I am so excited to invite you to join me at AbunDANCE Ballet & Worship Arts in Mount Orab, Brown County, Ohio where I teach young ones to communicate through movement, expression, and writing and to glorify the God who created their beautiful individual selves.

We are conveniently located near State Route 32 and State Route 68 in Mount Orab, Ohio near you!

  • Brown County: Georgetown, Fayetteville, Sardinia, Russellville, Ripley
  • Clermont County: Eastgate, Batavia, Williamsburg, Bethel, Amelia, Loveland, Milford, New Richmond
  • Highland County: Hillsboro
  • Clinton County: Wilmington
  • Adams County:  Peebles, Seaman, West Union
  • Cincinnati

If you are looking for Christian dance (and theater and writing) as a godly alternative to the secular world, then I am so excited to invite your precious child to . . .