The Ballet Bun

Depending on the structure of your hair, the ballet bun may come as a challenging task. Whether if it is for daily ballet class or a performance, the below video shows one way that I have found to secure hair in a ballet bun.

Tips For Hair Types

This video was on a dancer with long, thin, fine hair.

If hair is thicker, try some of these tips to secure the hair better:

  • get large heavy duty bobby-pins
  • divide hair into more smaller sections and pin each section individually
  • gel hair before putting it in a ponytail
  • put hair in a bun when wet or damp
  • experiment with other bun making tools

If hair is thinner or shorter, try some of these tips to secure the hair better:

  • clip in hair extensions that match your daughter's hair color
  • tease the hair (note that this does damage the hair and should not be done consistently over a long period of time)
  • stuff the bun with hair nets
  • do not wrap the hair as tightly around
  • curl hair before making the bun
  • do not brush the hair so that the knots will give hair a boost (though, yes, this is a pain to get out afterwards)
  • pin hair farther from center, pushing up from underneath and then using a hairnet to smooth out the terrain
  • experiment with other bun making tools

If your daughter's hair is too short for a high bun, talk with your teacher about the best options that they prefer to secure it back.

If your teacher requires a high bun with no bangs, then you will need slick them back with gel/hairspray, or pin tightly out of the face.

Ballet Bun For AbunDANCE Ballet

FOR CLASS, AbunDANCE requires a slicked back, secure bun. No whispies and limited bangs. Talk to your teacher if you are unsure if your hair or bun fits the dress code.

The practical reasons the hair needs to be off of the face is because:

  1. during jumps and turns hair gets in dancer's face and prevents proper execution of the steps
  2. if hair falls into face it creates a bad habit of the dancer pulling it back, blowing it back, wiping off of face, etc. that may continue into performances
  3. allows the teacher to see the line of the neck and head to correct alignment
  4. gives dancer freedom of movement in head and neck to hold the proper alignment while properly executing steps

FOR PERFORMANCES, AbunDANCE requires a hair pulled off of the face in a slicked back, completely secure high bun. The bun should be right at the crown, not on the tip top of the head but above ear level or high enough to see when looking straight on). It needs to be entirely secure with bobby pins/hairspray and gel. Make sure bobby pins will not come out while dancing by shaking head back and forth and see if it feels loose.

No whispies. No bangs. No colored hair bands. No barrettes or clips.

*NOTE: Please be considerate of others who have scent and chemical sensitivities. Try to choose hairspray and gel without heavy fragrance. Thank you!