Makeup For The Ballet Performance

During a performance, the goal is to show something; show the message of choreography, show the accomplishment of the year, show passion and emotion through the art of dance, etc. However, sometimes the venues of a performance may hinder the showing of the most important tool in dance: the dancer's emotion expressed through their face. Thus, makeup is often required.

Below is a video on how AbunDANCE requires their dancers to wear their makeup for a performance.

AbunDANCE Ballet Performance Makeup

This makeup can also be considered Light Stage Makeup

The venue for AbunDANCE's Spring Production is the auditorium of a school. It is a large space. Some dancers dance on a stage, although there are no lights on this stage. The lighting is mostly natural light, with bright overhead lights. The dancers are being viewed at eye level or looked down from the top of bleachers.

With this type of venue, it is less important to bring color to the face than it is to bring definition to the face. Just like trying to view a tree from a distance; you get the general idea, but not the specific details. We want to show the details of each dancer's personality as it is expressed through their smile and eyes. Follow the video and the descriptions below.

Foundation and Powder – Should match your natural skin tone. Blend well into the hairline and under the jaw bone. Optional for Creative Movement and Pre Ballet Classes.

Blush – Pink or peach. Should compliment skin tone. Does not need to be rosy, but needs to be defined. Remember that, in our venue's lighting, we are emphasizing structure not color. Make fishy face and put right along the indent in the cheek.

Eye Shadow – Cream base all over lid up to eyebrow. Apply light brown/tan to lid and crease. Apply darker brown in the crease and outer corner (don’t take dark brown all the way to inner corner). I use L'Oréal Paris Color Riche eye shadow in brown found at Kroger if you do not have brown eye shadow and are looking for a good option.

Eyeliner – Black Liquid eyeliner. Winged. Apply a thin line to top lid as close to lash line as possible, create a wing. Younger classes can use pencil eyeliner if that’s easier to apply.

Mascara – Apply to top and bottom

Lipstick – Darker shade of lip's natural color. More of a pink. No bright pink or red color or shimmer or lip gloss. Especially for younger students, we do not want to create a 'glam' look, but rather emphasize the lips that frame the smile.


*NO jewelry. NO nail polish. NO colored eyeshadow. NO body or hair glitter.*