2017-2018 Tuition

General Information

Class prices are just $10 per hour (same as last year) and 32 weeks of classes (compared to 30 weeks of classes last year).  See below for a full break down of prices per semester.

Early Bird Discount

Waive Annual Student Registration Fee if sign up by August 1!

Dancing in all life's artistry at AbunDANCE Ballet & Worship Arts in Mount Orab, Brown County, Ohio with Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Theater, Writing and More!

2017-2018 Tuition Calculation

Please refer to the ´╗┐Registration Form more details. The worksheet for these calculations is located on the back of the registration form. Fill out one registration form for each student and one worksheet for each family.

1. Find the pertinent classes for your child/children and the correlating semi-annual (16 weeks) price, and add up.

Pre Ballet I - 120

Pre Ballet II - 120

Beginner Ballet - 200

Intermediate Ballet and Pre-Pointe/Pointe - 240

Adaptive Ballet - 120

2.  If you are not paying in full, divide the semi-annual payment by two and add service fee for quarterly payment plan if chosen (see below).  

4. If you have been accepted into AbunDANCE Worship Company, then add the $50 annual membership fee.  Must be paid at beginning of year and not included in any payment plan.

5. Add the annual $25 student registration fee unless registering by August 1.  Must be paid at beginning of year and not included in any payment plan.

That's all there is to it!  

Now, head on over to registration for further instructions and for the Registration Form.

*Please contact Miss Heather if you have any questions.

Payment Options

In order to simplify our registration process, we have eliminated semesters with separate sign-ups.  Instead, we will just have one registration for the entire year (end August - end April for 32 weeks). 

We now offer simplified payment options for tuition.

  • pay for entire year by August 1
  • pay in two payments by August 1 and December 1 (late fees will apply if late)
  • pay in four payments by August 1, October 1, December 1 and February 1 with $10 service fee per payment (late fees will apply if late)

If you register after August 1, then first payments are due immediately.

Why These Prices?

If you survey other dance studios around Cincinnati, Wilmington and Hillsboro, you will find that they charge about $15-16 per hour!! 

That is a lot!

And they usually do not offer classes from a biblical perspective. 

I want as many ballerina dreamers as possible to experience the benefits of ballet and the joy of dance.  So, I have decided to offer my classical and professional ballet expertise at an affordable price so your child can pursue their passions. 

Thus, each quality class at AbunDANCE is just $10 per hour.

So, what is Christian dance from a moral mentor and biblical role model worth to you and your child?  Probably, priceless!