Dance Studio

AbunDANCE Ballet & Worship Arts is conveniently located at 123 Emmons Place, Mount Orab, Brown County, Ohio, 45154.

Our dance studio for AbunDANCE Ballet & Worship Arts is conveniently situated near State Route 32 and State Route 68 in Mount Orab, Ohio near you!

  • Brown County:  Georgetown, Fayetteville, Sardinia, Russellville, Ripley
  • Clermont County:  Eastgate, Batavia,Williamsburg,Bethel, Amelia, Loveland,Milford, New Richmond
  • Highland County: Hillsboro
  • Clinton County: Wilmington
  • Adams County: Peebles, Seaman, West Union
  • Cincinnati

We are a mere five minutes from shopping and restaurants and only 1-2 minutes from the community park and library on SR 68.

If you are looking for a Christian dance studio with a biblical worldview, you have found it!


Please follow the link below for a map to our dance studio:

123 Emmons Place, Mount Orab, OH 45154


The AbunDANCE dance studio is in the large basement of a house that is accessed easily by a lower driveway off of Liming Farm Road (not Emmons Place).

Emmons Place can be used for queuing cars if needed.  Please do not park or line up on Liming Farm Road because you may be ticketed.

Due to limited parking, we ask your patience when arriving and departing.

Please contact Miss Heather for any questions about parking.


The entrance to the dance studio is through the double YELLOW doors with BLUE trim at the end of the lower driveway off of Liming Farm Road (not Emmons Place).   You cannot miss them!

The green front door is the entrance to the residence - not the dance studio.

No Fragrances Please

For health reasons, please do not wear any fragrances including perfumes, scented hand cream, scented body lotions, scented body sprays, scented gels, scented hair sprays, scented lip glosses, etc.  Many dancers are highly sensitive and/or highly allergic to these chemicals.  Thank you so much for your consideration!


I could not be more ecstatic about how God is abundantly providing for this dance studio dream!  He has blessed AbunDANCE Ballet & Worship Arts with this space in the basement of my home!

Before our first year, we cleaned and painted the floor and walls.  We moved in a rug, tables, chairs, and bookcase. We worked really hard!

During October 2015, we installed a new insulated door in place of the garage door for easier, quieter and warmer access.

Then, during March 2016, we acquired two full length barres for our ballerinas.

And we installed a new professional top-of-the-line dance floor during July 2016.

During Summer 2016, our walls, ceiling, floor, and doors received a new coat of paint.  Thanks, Pretot Painting

But, we are not done yet!

Future plans to look forward to are...

  • Mirrors
  • Extended parking
  • Awning and/or porch
  • Bathroom (hopefully coming December 2018!!!!)
  • And more!

Yes, please keep in mind that THERE IS NO BATHROOM AVAILABLE at this time. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience of this issue. Due to the relative shortness of classes, please ask your child to use the bathroom at home. Or if your drive is lengthier, there are several restaurants and a library nearby that you can plan to stop at before arriving and after leaving.  We will have bathroom breaks upstairs for Summer Dance Camps, Summer Theater Camps, Summer Writing & Literature Camps and for girls who are staying for 2 classes.

Waiting Area

Please stay at your own discretion. If you know that your child is easily distracted, you may want to wait in your car or run some errands during class. However, if you know that your child will focus better with you watching, then feel free to stay. Please note that the waiting area and the dance area are immediately adjacent to each other and in very close vicinity.

If you choose to stay for the duration of the class, please abide by the waiting area rules below in order to minimize distractions for the dancers who are learning and focusing on class:

  • No noise including no talking.
  • No interacting with your child while they are taking the class unless asked by the teacher.
  • No eating/drinking.
  • No beeping and clicking electronic devices.
  • No smoking.
  • No going in and out repetitively which causes a great distraction for the class.
  • No fragrances (see above) for health reasons.


Just a few more comments...

We are so thankful to operate AbunDANCE in this venue, but because we are in a residential area, we ask your help regarding a few matters.  :-)

Please note that another business is operated in the house during mornings so we would appreciate your kind consideration.

Also, please respect our neighbors which means not parking in front of their property or blocking traffic.

In addition, for your safety and your children's safety, please do not venture into the pond area or climb over the fence where our dogs are located or climb trees or walk along the retaining wall or play in our yard or play in the street.  Whew!  What a long list!  Thankfully, Mount Orab has a nearby library and park on SR 68 for your other waiting children.  Please ask us for directions if needed.

Thank you so much for your courtesy!

AbunDANCE Ballet & Worship Arts is conveniently located at 123 Emmons Place, Mount Orab, Brown County, Ohio, 45154.