Fit Fellowship

Introducing a time to care for YOUR BODY, God's precious temple,

and connect with A BODY of believers in UNIFIED exercises of worship.

In this Christian-based class for adult women, you will be encouraged in your journey of well-being by pursuing your goals in a safe and positive environment. This hour-long class is a well-rounded blend of various forms of movement that will sculpt your body into God's vessel wonderfully ABLE to live a life of confidence and boldly READY to pursue His will in any direction.

We will incorporate aspects of Pilates for strength, ballet-based stretches for flexibility, Barre Fitness inspired exercises for full-body toning as well as a lighter form of Zumba for cardio. We will focus on shaping significant muscle groups within the arms, core, hips, and legs. Each movement supports the pursuit of leanness, strength, flexibility, and grace.

The best part is that we will have immense fun and will be worshipping God the entire time! You are getting the best of every world including His Kingdom! How awesome is that!?

What If I am Nervous?

That is okay! New things are exciting, but sometimes uncertainty masks that excitement as nervousness.

If you are concerned about your health, current fitness level, or general ability, AbunDANCE is a safe place. We will adapt to your needs, your body, and your timing. We start out with low-impact movements and only increase levels of impact and challenge based on your readiness. If you let me know of any health or physical concerns, then I can show you ways to adapt or modify what we do.

If you are uneasy about how you'll look, or what others will think, again AbunDANCE is a safe place. We don't have mirrors. The mirror can be a tool, but sometimes it is a vulnerability that the enemy can use to disrupt the work God wants to do. Do not worry. Be bold. Give yourself a place where you can rest, you can move, and God can move through you!

If you are still nervous, contact me! Ask any questions or share where you are uncertain, and I will do my best to answer and affirm :)

What Do I Wear?

Glad you asked!

You can wear what is comfortable. I recommend any form of modest athletic-wear that you can easily move in and that is not cumbersome.  Warm-up apparel such as a well-fitted jacket is advised to help with transition from cold weather to activity.

You have two options for shoes:

1) Socks and sneakers. Bring comfy socks for the ballet and stretch portions. You can wear (super clean) sneakers for any higher-impact movements.

2) Dance Sneakers (which are my recommendation for an optimum experience). Dance Sneakers are supportive for impact exercises, flexible for dance-like movement, and will not scuff the AbunDANCE dance floor. LA Dancewear on Beechmont Ave supplies them and they are a dream.

Also, if you do not want to put pressure on your knees/back on a hard floor, bring a yoga/Pilates mat.

Please stay hydrated and bring a water bottle!





What Is The Cost?

Each class is 60min and meets Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00pm. The full session is 16 weeks (January 8th-April 28th). For your convenience, we are offering flexible class cards - as listed below* - depending on your schedule and commitment level. You can always purchase additional class cards if needed.

16 classes - $160

12 classes - $144

8 classes - $104

6 classes - $84

4 classes - $60