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Miss Heather weekly teaches our girls that what we do in the physical mirrors and impacts what is happening in the spiritual. That the spiritual realms are influenced by our physical obedience. That dance is simply coming into agreement with the Spirit of God and moving our bodies in sync with his heart. Our girls aren't just learning graceful moves with pretty French names, they are shadowing under a woman of incredible faith and deep Kingdom insight. They led us all in one last number, and then circled up backstage to pray for their families as they journeyed through the prayer stations. We're so grateful for you, Miss Heather!  ~EK

You won't want to miss this worship event! Our daughter has just bloomed under Ms Heather's influence we just can't wait to see how all of her hard work and dedication bring GLORY and LIGHT to Kingdom!  ~TB

I am so thankful for Heather and AbunDANCE! Not only is my daughter receiving excellent dance instruction, but she is also learning to honor the Lord through her dance. Heather has truly been a blessing!  ~MK

My daughter loves her ballet teacher! She cannot wait to go each week. Thank you AbunDANCE Ballet for offering a loving environment for my child. ~MB

There is so much I would like to relay to you concerning the ballet production. It was such a blessing in so many ways.   Your poise and love for the students is so inspiring. You did an awesome job in all aspects of the production. Christ was seen in you. Thank you for all your hard work.  Looking forward to ballet classes next session.  With Love and Admiration.  ~T Family

The spring recital was a spiritual experience!  ~RH

Just watched Miss Heather and her Abundance dance group in Sardinia...WOW!! What an awesome performance - so heartfelt!  ~BM

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