The Essence of Existence

"In Him we live, move, and have our being." - Acts 17:28

This past week, we continued our look at how the Holy Spirit impacts our dancing and lives. Last week we declared that the Holy Spirit was moving at the start of Creation, is moving now, and we can move with it when we act in faith in our lives and in our dance.

How do we act in faith?

actions of faith = worship

But, if we believe in God, does that mean everything we do is automatically worship?

I'm going to say "no" and here is why.

Worship is intent + action.

Our belief remains hidden when it is not expressed. Our expression remains incomplete when it is not surrendered to the intention and will of our heavenly Father.

Therefore, we have to find Him to be in Him.

Seeking God in humble surrender aligns our life with His will because (like moving with the Holy Spirit) we are showing a willingness to connect with Him, to lay down our life, and to take up His life in us.

We are filled with His Spirit when we believe in who He is and what He has done to save us. His Spirit within us then allows us to be in (covered by) His purpose. Only then can everything we do be an overflow of His Spirit which means only then can our life produce spiritual action (fruit).

"In Him we live, move, and have our being." - Acts 17:28

IN HIM WE. . .

LIVE - our life is an accumulation of the choices we make. Every choice is an opportunity to surrender and let His will be done, His Kingdom come, and for God to overwhelm us with His abundant life for eternity

MOVE - our movement, the actions we take, are opportunities to reflect God's character and fulfill His purpose when we act BY faith IN Him

EXIST - "have our being" - our existence is an awareness of His presence and sustaining power in our life. Having our entire being in Him requires stillness, surrender, and understanding that you are held in the hands of the one who made you, who knows you, and who loves you.

Dance can be a LIFE choice to impact His Kingdom and minister to His people, an ACTION that expresses His character and purpose as well as expresses our faith, and it can align our entire BEING with His Spirit and Truth. Thus, dance can be a part of the process of seeking God, finding Him, and allowing our identity to settle within Him and Him in us.

Take a moment and find stillness to pray.

Father, you are LIFE.

By your plan and sacrifice, you made a way for me to have eternal life and for me to choose each and every day to serve and love you.

Thank you for loving me first.

You have honored me with you presence here.

I desire your presence to overflow into every area of my life so that I am always within your will.

Thank you for the free choice to choose to let your will be done in my life.

I pray that your Kingdom, by your Holy Spirit, would dwell within me so that I may be a part of your Kingdom plan.

I pray that my very existence would be to honor you and reflect who you are.

Please lead my thoughts to surrender at your feet.

Please take my heart within your hands.

Lead me, teach me, and breathe your life into me afresh each and every day.

Increase my faith to choose, act, and exist in you in deeper ways each and every day.

Thank you.