What To Expect During Dance Class

Undertaking new activities can be nerve wracking!  Just ask me - I know!  I find it helpful to know what to expect when I go to new places.  So, I thought that I would let my dancers know what to expect during dance class at AbunDANCE.


Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early because another class is likely to be finishing.

Upon arrival, the dancer should quietly store shoes, clothes, bag in the stretching area and then begin stretching. She may not enter the dance floor until invited by Miss Heather.

Please see the facility page for more information about parking.


Promptly at class start time, Miss Heather will ask begin with attendance, Scripture with discussion, and prayer.

Also, we will go over the six ballet rules at every class.  Ballet etiquette is an important part of class!

Then, we warm-up and learn ballet!

Class will end with several minutes of free dance in creative worship where the dancer can apply dance steps that she learned during class.  If the dancer is unsure what to do, then she can just follow Miss Heather!


Dancers will line up for the traditional ballet reverence at the end of class.  Reverence (rev-a-rance') is French for respect.  Dancers will curtsy and Miss Heather will give them a hug!

Please pick up your dancer promptly at the end of class because another class will most likely be entering.

If you have questions, it is best to contact Miss Heather via email or text since there is not much time between classes for discussion. 

We hope to see you soon in dance class!