Worship Dance Workshops

We want to help you incorporate the joy of movement through dance in your worship life! So, AbunDANCE Ballet and Worship Arts is pleased to offer worship dance workshops which are perfect for many assemblies...

  • Christian churches
  • youth groups
  • faith-based organizations
  • religious groups
  • Christian schools
  • homeschool co-ops
  • nursing homes
  • and more! 

Tell Me More!

We can customize a workshop to meet your specific needs whether you want an hour session, a weekend event, or on-going classes.   

Also, we can adapt to a diversity of ages from 5 years old through older adult.

In addition, we can center your workshop on a topic of your choice or we can suggest various themes.

We can offer praise and worship dances, ballet and lyrical dances, and Hebrew dances.  We can use flags, ribbons, and banners, too.

Participants can have a lot of dance experience or no dance experience at all; they just need to bring a heart for worship! 

Individuals with disabilities are welcome, too!

Fees will vary depending on length of program, number of dancers, and distance for driving.

Please contact Miss Heather to discuss your personalized worship dance workshops. She would love to come and dance with you!